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A leash is a leash, right? You may think so, but once you try a LaVilla leash, you and your pup will think otherwise. What makes our leashes different?

All of our leashes are constructed with 4 layers of fabric and interfacing wrapped around polypropylene webbing for strength. Everything is sewn together with a heavy duty polyester thread. The interfacing adds strength to the fabric and provides cushioning for your hands for maximum comfort and durability. Like a pair of jeans, the more they are used the more comfortable they get - and they can even be machine washed! Wash in cold water, no bleach, and let air dry.

Compared to standard nylon leashes, our customers have found that LaVilla leashes are much more durable and comfortable, especially when having to quickly grab for said leash after a doggie dash attempt (nylon leash burn, anyone?). You will love walking your dog!

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Matching Handmade Dog Leashes
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If you are ordering a collar or a leash, why not get a matching pair! Simply choose the same fabric as the collar you choose, or go be eclectic and order any fabric you like.You don't have to order a collar to get a cool leash! Just pick the fabric you like and then pick the length, and the width ( 5/8", 3/4", or 1" ).All leashes are made with 4 layers of fabric & 2 layers of interfacing. 3/4" & 1" wide leashes also have a layer of polypropylene webbing. Chrome plated steel snap bolts come...